Let me introduce myself! I was born in Budapest in 1980. Since then, I've lived in Hungary, the United States, and England, though most of my life I've spent in Cleveland, Ohio. With all this moving around, photography has become a means for me to capture what I find unique about life. My other, much less artistic talent lies in computer consulting, which also happens to be my profession. Thus, I offer my services in both of these fields.

Under the trade name General Computing co., I offer my computer consulting and website design services. I obtained my master's degree in computer engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 2002. Of course, nothing makes up for experience. I've been in business since 1997, creating web sites, building and maintaining networks, repairing computers, and programming databases.

Under the trade name L3 Productions co., I offer my photographic services. I received my first camera from my father when I was seven years old, and have been shooting ever since. I've been offering my services professionally since 2001. I particularly enjoy photographing at weddings and other family and formal events! I also love to take photos of Hungary, and my travels. Please, browse through my portfolio!

László L. Lieszkovszky
head honcho