Excel2IPTC & PhotoManager

I have developed two pieces of software that may help you, if you're in the stock photography business. One helps you set IPTC tags in your photos from an excel worksheet. In other words, if you have an excel worksheet with the title, caption, etc. fields filled in for each of your photos, your can use this setup to bulk-insert the IPTC info into the image files themselves. The other is an access database that I developed to help my own stock photo business. The two can actually be used together to streamline your captioning-IPTC-ing workflow. The database is capable of much more than helping you caption your photos, amongs other things, you can use it to keep track of sales, customers, even the enlargements you make in your darkroom.

Please note: use this software at your own risk! If you have already entered IPTC info into your images, and overwrite them with this software, it's not my responsibility! Also, I'm sorry, but I cannot provide support for it. However, you may post some questions on this page, and I'd also apreciate any comments or suggestions.

The software is provided FREEWARE for personal use. If you do end up using it in your stock photo business (i.e. it helps you make a profit), any contribution you could make would help me in developing the software further. Send $ via PayPal to my email address. I am also available to customize the software, or to set up a stock website for you just like this one, at competitive rates.


More Information

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