Do you need a website? During the initial rush in the 90's, everyone thought they would benefit from a website. Too often, small businesses ran out of funds and their website never turned a profit. Your first step is to decide if, and why you need a website...(click to read on)

A successful website blends two important factors: design and information. The graphic design of a website must be pleasing to the eye, but at the same time exciting enough to grab the viewers attention. Furthermore, it must be a reflection of its company, giving it a kind of charisma the viewer can remember. The design must also be functional, successfully conveying the information within it. It must be easy to navigate, quick to load, and compatible with the different types of browsers and monitors your target audience may be using. For added functionality, interactive aspects like online databases and e-commerce must be seamlessly integrated into the design.

Upon ordering a service from me, my first step is to meet personally with you. In fact, the whole process relies on personal interaction to effectively capture the design and functionality you are looking for. I present numerous alternatives to fit your budget. Existing templates and scripts are adapted for the budget-conscious, while full custom design and coding is available for larger clients.